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Vehicle Aerodynamics

Developing and validating full scale vehicle aerodynamic performance including, but not limited to measures such as lift, downforce, drag and aerodynamic balance. Full scale testing under fully controlled ambient conditions ensure accurate, representative and repeatable tests.

Vehicle Performance

Evaluating vehicle performance such as speed, acceleration, braking and ride height comfort.  The tunnel is not affected by the weather so is available all year round.

Cooling Performance

Assessing thermal and cooling performance of engine bay, radiator, powertrain and brake components. Testing and validating thermal counter measures. Evaluating heat soak issues.

Noise Performance

Acoustic testing for passenger comfort and conformity to government legislation.  Examples include the evaluation of cabin noise, engine sound levels, exhaust systems or even fitment of structures and assemblies.


Determining noise source, measuring noise levels and analysing sound propagation as a consequence of turbulent airflows.

Emission Tests

Representative vehicle emissions testing of carbon dioxide and pollutants such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen.

Dirt Deposition

Practical testing of complex vehicle contamination processes due to adverse environmental conditions.