Apr 09

Introduction to Catesby

Catesby Tunnel is just a few months away from opening and we are getting a lot of questions about why our tunnel is unique and what it offers that other facilities do not. We believe Catesby Tunnel will create a new benchmark for testing and the slides below aim to... read more →
Feb 08
Catesby Tunnel Launch

Catesby Tunnel | Opening Summer 2021 | Press Release

Catesby Tunnel Catesby Tunnel testing facility in Northamptonshire is set to provide a worldwide benchmark for aerodynamic testing and vehicle development when it opens later this year. It houses a 2.7km long, purpose-built, straight road test track allowing an extensive range of vehicle assessment studies to be carried out on... read more →
Dec 21

Catesby Tunnel on My5 Britain’s Lost Railways Documentary

Just a few months before our official opening, Rob and the film crew from "Walking Britain's Lost Railways" documentary, visited the Catesby Tunnel site, following the abandoned Grand Central Railway route, that once tore its way through the towns and cities of the East Midlands. Along with Rob Lewis, managing... read more →
Oct 17

Catesby Innovation Centre nears completion

The Catestby Innovation Centre, designed to bring together local high tech companies is on track to open Easter 2021. The main foundations and brickwork are already in place.
Oct 01

Catesby Tunnel on Forgotten Relics

Catesby Tunnel featured on the Forgotten Relics YouTube channel. Reporters from Forgotten Relics, visited the construction site of Catesby Tunnel, to unfold the history of this amazing site as well as the challenges faced while converting it into a world class testing facility. Forgotten Relics, have been recording and celebrating... read more →
Aug 13

Catesby Tunnel progress update

An initial 400m road surface has been laid to allow preliminary testing. A concrete foundation followed by an asphalt layer is now in place. The first car run has already been conducted.
Jul 01

Heavy machinery enter the tunnel

Work begins on preparing the surface of the tunnel in order to lay 2.7 kilometres of tarmac. The surface will be incredible flat due to the stringent specifications required.
Jan 09

Catesby Tunnel listed ‘most innovative project’

Catestby Tunnel has been highlighted as a world innovative project designed to enhance the UK engineering sector by the UK government.
Aug 29

Building works begin

Construction on the main building adjoining the tunnel begins. This building will eventually house two full size articulated lorries to unload vehicles directly into the preparation area.
Dec 15

Ground works begin

Construction begins. Initial work will primarily focus on the access roads and main road junctions that lead to the tunnel.